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DCP: Explosion of Digital Cinema

Old-fashioned film projectors could be relics by the end of 2015. Texas Instruments Inc., which makes the DLP Cinema computer chips used in digital projectors, predicted Wednesday that the world's theater industry would be entirely digital in the next four years.

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How Do I Create a DCP?

"How do I make a DCP?", the founder of the 54 Film Fest in Knoxville, TN asked himself.  James was a college student with big dreams.  He had competed in various film festivals over the years and always found one reason or another to be disappointed with them; primarily they all screened in theaters that had low quality projection and sound systems.  He recalled one year his production team forged a pretty terrible horror film that truly relied on its sound design to actually get a scare out of audiences.  

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Digital Cinema Initiative

Question:  What did the Digital Cinema Initiative do to the world of film? 

Answer:  Technically?  Destroyed it.  Yeah well, it also opened up all sorts of possibilities for independent movie makers.  A couple decades ago, when film was still prevalent, it could cost a production company upwards of $30,000 to get its film mastered and printed.  On top of that there were duplication fees for every theater the movie was to be released to.  Thus, only those with access to a great deal of capital could afford to have their films screened in a nice theater.

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