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Nashville Film Festival 2014

Film Fest 1


      This year alone Creative DCP has created over 100 digital cinema packages for the Nashville Film Festival! It's been a busy past few weeks but the results have been tremendous!

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Grace Feature Film

Grace Headliner


        Creative DCP recently did the world premiere digital cinema packaging for the feature film Grace. Grace was directed by Heath Jones and produced by Cindy Joy Goggins and Sylvia Caminer.

The film features Annika Marks (Mona Lisa Smile, Southland) as the lead actress Grace Turner.

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Why 2001: A Space Odyssey isn't a classic

"2001: A Space Odyssey" sucks.

It's rare that I don't enjoy old science fiction. As a fan of the original "Star Trek" and "Doctor Who" TV series, I have a high tolerance for poor special effects, implausible plots, and farfetched science.

In terms of individual film elements, "2001" has some of the best special effects of its time, a well-recognized soundtrack, and possibly the creepiest villain of all time in HAL 9000. Many consider it to be a classic of science fiction.

But I don't.

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Switching to Digital Projection

Theaters are in the process of switching over to digital projection.  As one kickstarter page put it,


 "Hollywood is forcing all theaters to upgrade to digital projection as the era of 35mm film comes to an end in early 2013!"

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